Laboratory for Corpus Research in Applied Linguistics (CORAL)

In the CORAL Lab we investigate language using large, principled collection of texts, also known as corpora. The goal of the lab is to further the use corpus linguistics tools to answer applied linguistics research questions. Some of our projects involve examining the linguistic characteristics of university writing, describing the language of political debates, and developing corpus-based materials for language teaching. 

If you are interested in joining the lab or just visiting, please contact Dr. Larissa Goulart (

Some of our ongoing projects

GenAI vs Student Writing

We are currently working on a project that seeks to triangulate the results of a register analysis comparing undergraduate writing and GenAI responding to the same prompts with teachers' perceptions in relation to GenAI and students' texts.

If you are (or were) an English teacher (ESL/EFL or writing context) and would like to participate in our study CLICK HERE


Ingrid Veloso and Dr. Goulart are working on a Machine Learning project to classify student writing for discipline and communicative purpose.

Right now the interface is only available at Herokuapp, but you can download the code from the Github Repo here and here

Try the NLTK version here

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