Dr. Goulart giving the plenary talk at PennTESOL East Spring 2023

Dr. Goulart and Ms in CL student Ingrid Veloso presenting at the AIRiAL conference in September 2023

Dr. Goulart, Ms in CL student Ingrid Veloso, and MA in AL student Claudia Reyes at PennTESOL Fall 2023

CORAL Lab students celebrating the last meeting of the semester in December 2023

Alanna Mendoza, Lee Alvarado, Ingrid Veloso and Catie DeRezienzo

CORAL Lab at the ALP Conference at Columbia University in February 2024

CORAL Lab Picnic at Verona Park (April 2024)

CORAL Lab meeting on April 2024. 

Dr. Jung from Lancaster University giving a talk about her research on L2 speaker's expression of opinion. (April 18, 2024)